Shomrim Video show in court.. oh no!

November 5, 2009

I opened the court room door quietly almost afraid to be seen, to my present surprize it was full of lubavichers who had come to support shomrim. honestly i didnt go for that i went for the video i heard was going to be played.

see over the past 2 years and more often now i  have seen on many of the hate sites that there is this “Video” that proves the aggression and hate that shomrim have to the tzfatim and proves that they went into 749 with the intent to hurt the bocherim.

now if only i could show you this video.. its something that you must see for yourself (it may be show again and again in court its worth going to watch) it doesnt show not one of the allegations is shows only the opposite, its shows shomrim getting pushed and pulled and glasses being torn off their faces.



  1. “LOOSE” is like when there is a wolf on the LOOSE.
    “LOSE” is like when the Islanders LOSE a game.
    Learn English or post in a shprach with which you are more comfortable.

    • OT CHAI, sorry i dont correct my mistakes OT taught me to make

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