Whos shoes? Moiser!

November 6, 2009

Some feelings and expressions can not be described in words, but ill try.

Today in court a lawyer representing the defendants (shomrim) asked a few questions. all these questions ripped apart the witness his testimony and credibility (did he ever have any).

One part struck me.

in the video there is a number of bocherim screaming “moiser, Bachutza”

upon asking the “translator” witness what it meant he said.

“Moisrim go out” to which he was asked what Moiser meant. his answer made todays stay in court totally worth it.

first he didnt seem to remember, but after the lawyer reminded him he is a supposed translator did he say.

“moiser means a jew who brings another jew to secular court without going to a Rabbi and Bes Din 1st. the silence in the room, the look on the witnesses face… priceless!

so another day goes by a few thousand more is spent at this point witness number 1, proved that Shomrim6 NOT guilty.

PS. today the speed dial in my phone changed to 718 774 3333 for emergency assistance.


One comment

  1. While that is certainly questionable why the accuser the ‘tzvati’ is bringing his case to court. That has absolute no implication whether or not shomrim is guilty or not.

    I fail to find any logic on your part. And this post is a pure appeal to emotion.

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