Whats the differance between shomrim and shmira?

November 8, 2009

This email came in after i made my post questioning why shmira was at the scene.

from: MosheMoshe

“i dont know why you think this is a shomrim shmira issue, shmira has nothing todo with this story, when shmira responded to 749 the units were told by their coordinators to  “stay back and make sure shomrim were ok and offer back up ONLY if requested” when the fight was over bocherim needed to be transported to the hospital so they offered to drive them, JUST LIKE SHOMRIM would have done!”

Wow Moshe, thank you thats priceless.




  2. if it was shmira in this situation there would not be the shmira six. in fact one would be rating out the other, like they did to Shuchat.

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