B. Lipshits Moisered first?

November 10, 2009

after reading a letter composed by the bocherim who were allegedly attacked at 749, were they “clarify” what took place in attept to stop the ongoing support shomrim6 campain they attached a police report.

please note the following

it says

“the true facts of the gang assault as it occurred on Moitzei Shabbos, December 29th 2007 – 20th of Teves.”

“Two Bochurim, M. C. and J. G. were arrested and booked on the false charges. A copy of the complaint signed by Benyomin Lifshitz (the owner and editor of crownheights.info) appear below.”

now i noticed the “complaint and report date” on the bottom is 4/18/2008 thats over 4 months after the above date, the one that comes after saying “the true facts”

sig and date


One comment

  1. Can someone please point me to the trial of these bochurim that got arrested? Are they facing jail time as the shomrim six are? Whatever did happen to their case? How are the hater trying to justify whats going on now, with this?

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