Door to door hate

November 13, 2009

Last night Anash of crown heights recieved a letter from the bocherim of 770. I have seen this letter on HATE sites allready but till now it was only online and i know that these sites barly get seen, so the comment about BOTH rabonim saying that these bocherim MUST press charges didnt bother me yet.

but now that i got it at home, i knew it was time to call the Rabonim themselvs asking them about if this statement is true or untrue.

The results:

Rabbi Osdiba – Its a lie, i never said that and never would.

Rabbi Schwei – Sheker Gomur, the bocherim asked me what to do i told them NOT to go to court.

dont take my work for it call them yourselfs, oh funny thing, schwei said that i was the 11th call about this today i guess all the people that care have just learned the truth… it hurts



  1. Y*** S**** is the one behind all this.

    Nobody is backing him, he is desperate.
    Hes like a chicken without a head.

    One thing for sure, he now confirms that there is indeed a mesira going on, for those that (by now still) dont know.

  2. Did these so called “Bochurim a.k.a. Y*** S*** ever call for a Din Torah?
    Who are they to decide whether shomrim should have done this or that?

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