Posting wars 2

November 15, 2009

Local web media race to be first to post the group photo .

while one site had its office set up on site to post immediately it seems to still be the last one to get its photos up.

sometimes too many cooks spoil the broth.

So how many people does it take to get a simple photo taken and posted.

Shmais – 2, 1 to take 1 to post.

Col, collive – 8, 1 to take 1 to download card 1 to upload photos 1 to watch the proses 1 for tech support 1 for posting 1 to make calls and ask whats taking so long and 1 to make all the money from ads.

ch.ch – …didnt post anything yet

chinfo – 3, 1 to take 1 to take and 1 more to take and post… they posted 1st by the way.

chabad.info – umm they have a different kinnus photo

OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS – 6, 1 to take, 1 to take, 1 to watch, 1 to collect his paycheck, 1 to shlep, 1 to shlep more


One comment

  1. Just so happens that chabad.info does have an official pic up – albeit at a different angle. About your pointing to ch.info being first, it just so happens that they were last on almost every kinnus posting…

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