care to compare

November 17, 2009

it was the title that cought my eye

“A Thousand Shluchim, One Shlichus”

well i counted about 30 round tables each one holding 8 people… thats… 240 people

also i got a email correcting a earlier statement i had made about mushrooms being at the kinnus

“you said that they will be serving mushrooms during the main dish, you were wrong, first of all they didnt let any mushrooms in they had tight security. their was a few who DID make it in but they didnt last till chicken, then got squashed and crushed during the fish course, most shluchim didnt even notice them because they had were camouflaged under seaweed and spinach.”

Well thanx for that clarification I couldnt see that from the choppy live feed in OT


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