VIN Secrets – a review

November 19, 2009

“2 jews thought, how can I make a restaurant without a kitchen?”  – Jackie Mason..

Thus Sushi was invented.

“how  do I report the news without having any reporters.?”

Thus VIN was created.

VIN doesn’t hire reporters, photographers or writers, all he wants is news from major networks and a lead picture.

When the story is a local jewish one, like a chabad story, VIN is careful not to lose his readers to others by giving away his source thus making sure the source link or name is spelled wrong or is broken. The case comes along were he MUST give proper credit so then he will only take the least popular sites like thecooljew for its source of news and pics, look at the kinnus coverage for example. with every chabad site had 15 photographers and incredible photos, VIN used the cool jews stuff which calling it amateur would be a compliment.

The best is how VIN himself doesn’t even read the stuff he posts and creates headlines that sometimes get him in trouble. take the shomrim6 for example, he posted a story on the first day of trial from the nypost that had nothing to do with crown heights shomrim, but “crown Heights NY” in the headline. Making the shomrim of crown heights looking bad while it really being in a different neighborhood. After getting complaints from his readers did he change the headline however you can still see in the web address the originating line (tip chnewstipper) some still speculate that story came out purposely on that day being that it was the first day of trial and intended to hurt shomrim6.

News searching is hard and time consuming so yiddishe kop VIN comes along and says “were can I find all popular headlines  in one site?”

Answer:  drudgereport.com

What’s really funny is the sites that use VIN as a news source on where they get their news stories from.

stay tuned as we reveal all the secrets of… shturem col collive chinfo chabadinfo and many of our hate sites.

screen shot below of headline change


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