Posters scheduals

November 25, 2009

Dont you love google reader, it gives you information and posts with out you needing to visit sites, seeing their ads…

better yet it gives you the webmasters posting schedual.

Collive.com – no schedual, posts news as he gets it. gosh i hope its more then one person, you need room to breath.

Shmais.com – well it looks like he has another job, and other priorties so its like 2 3 times a day at set times

CH.info – well currently looks like posting when he aint sleeping or in court…

Ch.Ch – i still cant figure them out, its like 2 months no posts, then a whole bunch of old news, then it takes a break. all news comes directly from other sites nothing original except shmira stories (interesting how they dont seem to have much of those and no other sites seem to want to post their stories either)  what i found is that when you look at the Hate sites RSS feeds i find it interesting how when ch.ch posts so does the hates sites, or vise versa, is it that maybe the people behind ch.ch are the same being ch.ch…. ahh just a thought.

chabad.info – no comment, its like they post when ever they wana broadcast yellow.



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