The Chabad Tabloids – COLlive uncovered

November 26, 2009

with “important peoples” names in bold, (making them feel important)making news before its officially news, threatening to get what they want, and constantly using “exclusive” and terms to sound most popular (not) collive site makes me feel im reading INtouch, US weekly and people magazine.

then they have the headlines, ones that are their to grab your attention how ever are the same news that has already been posted everywhere else.

for example..

Sandra Samuel Tells All

Today… was seen

Celebrity weddings

Saterday Night Live

of course their is self promotion 1 2 and self made birthday bashes but what irks me the most is how such a nicely designed site and a whole teem of photographers and reporters over $100,000.00 spent investing this site and the only thing that they have different then any of the others is a mystery.

stay tuned for our take on chinfo, the not so cooljew and other “news” sites

special thanks to all 3 of you who sent me the tips and links (tzali g. – mordy love – and what ever)

have a tip or thought email me


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