This weeks parsha is SHMAIS – uncovered, a review

November 29, 2009

If its not broken. Don’t fix it. This is the older crowds theory

Being the first news website providing the information that a nitch
crowd needed shmais became the number one stop shop for chabad news.

Over the years when he got married and turned it into a business, his
cute postings of chaos in yeshivas and politics soon dissapeared.
Along came a clean site promoting baby sitters and ads from every
angel. Its almost like people go to shmais to see who is looking for a
babysitter or needs a shlepping shlichus position filled.

Its like window shopping. You do it even if u don’t need anything.

See shmais is like part of Kingston ave reatail realestate. (He is he
even has a sign up on a building) even with all the compatition sites
he won’t change his color, design, style of stories or speed of
posting. Even after other sites took the lead (empire kosher) and he
lost his place as the number one site he still is like (kahns superet)
who has a lot of trafic and items for sale that people dont need but buy.

So will shmais change, close down or sell out NO. Will he make small
upgrades over time (sliding doors, fridgerators) just to keep his
crowd happy yes. but untimatly as we all know retail realestate never
gets sold just rented. So if you ever want a story up on shmais you
must rent a spot and bingo you are up.

All in all shmais needs to change its color scheme to grey as his
traffic I suspect to be the older crowd and he needs to change his red
and blue siren screaming exclusive to a old man with a cane screaming
“hey I’m still more popular then col”


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