At the top reporting the bottom… chinfo uncovered, a review

November 30, 2009

is it the freedom of speech?
writting about everything and anything even if its hurtfull and pain full to whom its
about or to the readers reading it.

or is it the the people who do the things they do that chinfo just has
the balls to write about?

Which ever one somtimes I feel that we all need to give our selfs a
kick in the pants!

Why? Bc What comes after these posts are usually comments, many of them… yours, making us all just as guilty of “freedom of speech” other known to some as dirty laundry.

Power – giving credit when its due

Having a news site for some is their way of living, getting what they want when they want using the power of words to personally benefit themselfs  The thing I like about chinfo is that he uses his power for overall comunity development safety and more…

plus with all the “competition” that is out their i love how chinfo answers back sometimes with humor, and sometimes with FACTS.



  1. Those whom complain about problems are not those creating them, they are nearly exposing the problems.

    The “Chillul Hashem” is being done by those doing bad things not by those exposing them.

  2. The only ones that win when not reporting are the bad guys.

    For years we have been in the dark about various incidents of either mesira, violence and many Genavos etc… now we know, now we can be more aware.

    Thanks you CrownHeights.info and all those that follow.

    The Truth, good or bad must be told.

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