From our inbox

December 11, 2009

from our inbox

I was wondering if you can take a poll titled “does col disregard its fans and community?” i have attached the following emails to help you understand please don’t post the full email as i don’t want COL to know i sent them nor my name to be used, just base it off of them.

Sorry YG but i am posting full emails, dont hate me for it as for col he never cared and never will.

From: y**** g**** <***>
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2009 13:32:00 -0500
Subject: why?
To: editor@collive.com


I hope this E-mail finds you in good health and spirit! Being that you
are a crownheights community website, and from what it seems you report on
various news items that happen in crownheights in particular, and the chabad
world at large, I am troubled to see that there has been a major issue going
on in your community for about a month, and besides for one time you havent
posted about since! im sure you can guess the issue in which im talking
about is the shomrim trial. I went to court the first day of the trial based
on a tip i got from your website notifing the public where and when it would
take place, i went there to show support to an organization that was there
for me when i needed them. I would like to thank you for the post of when
the 1st court day was, but for whatever reason your website has been silent
ever since?! In my opionion this is pretty significant news! and even you
guys thought it was significant enough cuz you posted about it , and you let
everyone know when the 1st trial would take place? even if your going to
want to take the politically correct way out of this and tell me that your
website doesnt get involved in politics, so i will say fine dont get
involved in the details of the case, but atleast inform the public who want
to know where to go and when, where and when they can go to court! thats not
being involved you would just be posting an event that is taking place! you
wouldnt even have to write a report as to whats happening, since u dont want
to get involved! you could even shut the comment option down if u dont wanna
get involved, but atleast post that there is case going on when and where?!
like u did before the first court event?! besides it seems that collive
doesnt really shun away from politics either! when the community council
issues came up , u guys carried all the letters from every side etc!  its
safe to say that u guys had the most extensive coverage of that whole thing!
also with the rabbonim it seems like u guys dove in head first trying to
stay ahead and making public every letter from this side and that!? and here
u couldnt even post when and where the court is?!

His reply

On Tue, Dec 8, 2009 at 11:08 AM, Editor COLlive.com <editor@collive.com>wrote:
Dear Yossi,
Thank you for kind words about our website.
We are glad you are a reader of our site, and hope you will continue to
We appreciate your input.
COLlive staff
note:  YG wrote a follow up email, asking why he disregarded his questions and email was not yet  returned.

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