Shomrims victory wakes the Dead, who makes it to live, then dies

December 16, 2009

ch.ch wakes from the dead to post something hoping to make it to live which it did,only to be removed mer hours later. this is not the first time its happened…

the post made it up here… whats new? see what i find funny is how they will wake from the dead to carry their own to boost moral during a low time (all the time)  somtimes just to repost posted stories only to change them to suit their needs… something that can sometimes lead to a whole series of questions from there readers who ultimately measure up… finding out that its all but 2 inches 🙂

Tip: chummy E. (please get collinks next time)



  1. Ezagui liar exposed.
    Pretty interesting as i actually have video of the aftermath of that scene where yanky the muslim rat moisser prager shows up way after Shomrim and for some reason peaks into the ambulance to look at the aided only to be chased away by the treating hatzalah members as they close the door in his face then he walks back and forth pretending to talk on his cell near the Shomrim members who are discussing the call with the cops.

  2. I don’t ge the 2 inches 🙂

  3. “see what i find funny is how they will wake from the dead to carry their own to boost moral”

    It’s really sad that six Jews being vindicated (found not guilty), is something that lowers their moral.

    Now you tell me that the shmira had nothing to do with this Messira! Otherwise why would this be a “loose” for them, why are there morals down?

    Why all a sudden all these made up stories of how they still exist?

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