What happaned to CHinfo?

December 25, 2009

at first i thought maybe he too gets a mazel tov as both col and chinfo have been having mood swings some days with 30-40 posts while the next not having anything posted.

as i have been away myself (Miami is awesome its like 80) i have been a bit out of the loop, but i learned that CHinfo has been locked up due to violation of order of protection.

whats cool is that when he attempted to defend himself this morning in front of a judge by presenting him with the police report that says it was gurfiinkel who originally hit him first…the police report has mysteriosly dissapeared. (talk about corruption)

not felling let down BL pulled out of his pocket a copy of the police report, the one that was circulating around crown heights and after seeing it the judge dismissed the entire case and opened a investigation on how his report dissapeared from the 77th Pct.

after making a few calls i found out that a few key people in the behind the scenes of this case are in a big fight as they had paid big political bucks getting rid of the police report knowing that it would get in the way of their latest charge but the issue is that they have sent out copies of this same report to everyones home and now it has officiallly been used against them.


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