Good morning america

December 29, 2009

After about a month of being dead ch.ch has tchiyas hamaysim, interestingly enough one of the hate sites also wakes from the dead,

first the site officially declared that it has no conection to shmira, then posts a letter from (this is funny) BL were he “admits” to run another hate blog.

See what i find funny is that about 2 days since i opened my blog i got emails addressed to me starting off “hey Ben” and the like, after posting about one of the court funnies i started to get more of such email axcept they were more like “lipshits your a low life…”

see i heard of ben before i started my blog but it was just a name and that he runs chinfo and that he is also a member of shomrim6. now ever since i started my blog i officialy became ben lol.

i guess being that i must be ben that i must be a male haha.

so who is this guy ben, hmm, well id love to be in his shoes.

think about it he pretty busy guy, he runs chinfo, now acording to hate sites he also runs wis, then since my site was created it seems that he also ruuns it,..

let me guess he also runs collive, and chrudge, and guess what he also runs chnewsblog.

does this guy have any time to eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom???


Q: how many mishichists does it take to replace a dead bulb?

A: none, it never died

Q: how many guys does it take to run every website in lubavitch

A: 1 and he is despretly looking to pee… 🙂

Q: how many ppl does it take to pass the news around town

A: 15 mens mikvahs, and soon 3 womans.


One comment

  1. I am “Everybody” and I know for a FACT that its true that Ben does run all these sites and I know this because “everyone” also knows this and “everyone” knows because he heard and it’s now a fact.

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