New deal or NO deal!

December 30, 2009

inside information says that after we broke the news of collive buying out chinfo many calls were received by the owners of both sites. being that the news is no were near official both site have brushed it away somtimes turning it into a joke. one of them went even as far as saying “ehh that blogger… he (lol) knows nothing”

well despite the calls of support and opposition received, both BL & YS sat together once again trying to once again negotiate a deal.

figures were thrown around as low as $50,000.00 cash to the $100,000.00 figure over 2 years. being that Mr. S. has such a bad rep for not paying bills and all the figures offered were way below the value, BL dismissed all the offers, got up and started to leave.

Mr. S. sounding desperate, offered to sell out collive to chinfo, switching the tables around. starteled with this offer BL sat back down to listen.

apparently there are too many people owed money, and the presure is building up onto Mr. S. to payback loanes as well as upset advertisers who feel like they are being ripped off. after spending thousands of his own dollars and having his main sourse of revenue (graphic design) not doing well due to the huge amount of time spent away from it in order to pull off this new site, he feels like he just wants to cash out leaving chinfo the bills and all.

stay tuned as i will be posting this story as it develops.

in the meantime the next meeting is supposed to be scheduled this coming week.

ooh i also hear the ch.ch is trying to merge with chabad.info in a effort to pool together its views, a total of oprox 2500 people.


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  1. Shmira mesira is giving out free deals.

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