Can you employ us?

January 3, 2010

I have gotten many emails from all sides with regard to this latest webmess of site looking to buy and sell.

alot of the emails are cut the BS and so on, while others are in question of is tis true or untru

so i reached out to my sours and requested more details onto why this may be happaning and when did it all start.

the responce

“starting in the summer, YT of collive was seen with BL of chinfo (chrudge had photo) in this discussion YT asked BL of his intrest in him working for him, BL knowing YT for his horor interviews on col.org.il fealt he has no personal gain in him or his creation of nutty headlines, and turned him down. more resently upon the completion of the birthday bash YT once again aproched BL and said “we need to talk” BL responded “na we dont” unknowing to BL at the time what it was that was so important,

Then about 2 weeks ago YP from colllive quitly approched BL and asked him if was intrested in his services, upon questioning him as to why he wanted another job, his reply was that, A. the paycheck is super low, and he knows that he is worth more, and B. that he hasnt been paid in a few months and he needs money to survive. now BL finally understood WHY YT “needed to talk”

so were does YS come into the picture: after this coversation with YP, BL went ahead and told this to a person close to YS and tipped him off and upon his internal investigation realized he may loose both his hot headlines and his photographs, so to him he either need to buy out chinfo or he needs to sell out collive bc otherwize he may just be left with dept and no site.


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