Fire in 749

January 5, 2010

Bocherim were said to be serching for the fire extinguasher to help control the blaze, but 2 years ago a bucher removed the extiguasher… and then hid it due to possoble fingerprinting, resulting in the blaze almost burning down the building.

in other news fire marshels were seen inspecting 749 and were video taped by the bocherim while they asked “who sent you?” “why are you inspecting?”

this video which was intended to be posted on youtube was meant to show the world who is behind the Mesira of these inspections unfotunatly the many attempts do reaveal this failed but they did get the fire marshel to say yechi 🙂

The rumers written here say that rabbi shpringer is collecting money for the bocherims clothing, after speaking to rabbi springer he says this is true but the shopping must be done in israel and one way tickets are being provided.

tip: Shmuly B.

Editors note: please support this cuase as we at poll place feel that sending these bocherim home is a VERY GOOD IDEA


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