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Col round up for the day!!

January 19, 2010

After earthquake theres no power but brooklyn polotitions have figures a great way to grab media attention.

Yvette D. Clarke is seen complimenting Israel, nice job, after all we know she has spoken against it.

Then col had a urgant message unsure what on earth its about and why its urgent.

And they ended off a full day of reporting with a message to children, daven like a MENCHen and drink like a cow 🙂


Threat Number 2

January 17, 2010

After getting our first threat which we posted here.

I have once again received another e-mail from the same guy.

“Do you think that posting my email to you will stop me? its simple, i will give you 48 hours to shut down your blog, or i will do it for you.

PS if i shut it down, information you dont want will be posted on your own blog for all to see.”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH keep these emails coming 🙂 see if i care


Col Threatens and Blogs About Me

January 17, 2010

In a email that seems to come in in the very minutes before shabbos, it stated.

“You don’t know who your messing with. Take ur blog down or it will be taken down for you”

Oy. Am I scarred. Coincidentally this post goes up on col labeling me as a complainer.


Saterday night dead, but woman TG alive

January 3, 2010

Woman gets robbed collive gives lesson on  depression we will need this due to the news and photo that followed


Can you employ us?

January 3, 2010

I have gotten many emails from all sides with regard to this latest webmess of site looking to buy and sell.

alot of the emails are cut the BS and so on, while others are in question of is tis true or untru

so i reached out to my sours and requested more details onto why this may be happaning and when did it all start.

the responce

“starting in the summer, YT of collive was seen with BL of chinfo (chrudge had photo) in this discussion YT asked BL of his intrest in him working for him, BL knowing YT for his horor interviews on fealt he has no personal gain in him or his creation of nutty headlines, and turned him down. more resently upon the completion of the birthday bash YT once again aproched BL and said “we need to talk” BL responded “na we dont” unknowing to BL at the time what it was that was so important,

Then about 2 weeks ago YP from colllive quitly approched BL and asked him if was intrested in his services, upon questioning him as to why he wanted another job, his reply was that, A. the paycheck is super low, and he knows that he is worth more, and B. that he hasnt been paid in a few months and he needs money to survive. now BL finally understood WHY YT “needed to talk”

so were does YS come into the picture: after this coversation with YP, BL went ahead and told this to a person close to YS and tipped him off and upon his internal investigation realized he may loose both his hot headlines and his photographs, so to him he either need to buy out chinfo or he needs to sell out collive bc otherwize he may just be left with dept and no site.



January 1, 2010

chrudge couldnt of said it better

shame you cant judge on performance…


another reason for collives sell out

January 1, 2010

Rabonim issue letter, col fights this with a din torah in return.

this letter is one to hold both shvey and osdibas signature, the first of its kind in the apparent “peace” proses.

the letter, in short is written to restrict certain types of news and removal of all comments on all chabad sites.

how does this effect collive?

See mrs. P. Who does graphic work for collive also seconds and a part
time secretery and commenter. Her job is to post the “out of town”
comments on the site.  You know the ones you have seen which say “montreal” florida
california. And so on, one after another.. She also monitors other sites and asures that collive has the most
comments on any given stories. reasoning is bc it helps create this “look” that col has the most readers.

not allowing commenter’s and not having any original news will crush col.

so YS is taking two different angels trying to sell out while backing its partner in israel with a bes din of their own. for him he hopes he ends up winning din torah and having the option of a sell out making his decide what his out come is. see it started as a direct attack on col the rabonim in israel have been putting pressure on the site especially bc it lables itself as the number one chabad news site. col in return  said to the rabonim unless you presure all news sites regardless if they are chabad or not.

stay tuned for further developments in this story and in a few days i will have additional information as promised about both main player in collive asking BL to be hired.