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Col Threatens and Blogs About Me

January 17, 2010

In a email that seems to come in in the very minutes before shabbos, it stated.

“You don’t know who your messing with. Take ur blog down or it will be taken down for you”

Oy. Am I scarred. Coincidentally this post goes up on col labeling me as a complainer.


Fire in 749

January 5, 2010

Bocherim were said to be serching for the fire extinguasher to help control the blaze, but 2 years ago a bucher removed the extiguasher… and then hid it due to possoble fingerprinting, resulting in the blaze almost burning down the building.

in other news fire marshels were seen inspecting 749 and were video taped by the bocherim while they asked “who sent you?” “why are you inspecting?”

this video which was intended to be posted on youtube was meant to show the world who is behind the Mesira of these inspections unfotunatly the many attempts do reaveal this failed but they did get the fire marshel to say yechi 🙂

The rumers written here say that rabbi shpringer is collecting money for the bocherims clothing, after speaking to rabbi springer he says this is true but the shopping must be done in israel and one way tickets are being provided.

tip: Shmuly B.

Editors note: please support this cuase as we at poll place feel that sending these bocherim home is a VERY GOOD IDEA


Saterday night dead, but woman TG alive

January 3, 2010

Woman gets robbed collive gives lesson on  depression we will need this due to the news and photo that followed


Peace is coming… what will the first steps be?

January 3, 2010

so the rabonim bes din is over and they await for a psak din… this psak din is not only is about rabonim but about the counsel kashrus and nezigim (what is netzigim? email me if you know)

The big question

what will the first steps of the counsel, rabonim, netzi… be as soon as they have the official OK from the rabonim of the bes din?

the reason i ask this is bc already we have this letter that is signed by both rabonim about what the web sites should and shouldnt do. although this isolated letter has nothing to do with the pease, just somthing that they for the first time agree on. but i still speculate and wonder

will there first steps get more or less respect then they have now???


Good idea

January 1, 2010

Moiser moove out of town


Mesira & Mesia

December 29, 2009

After the loss of their case failed mesira go on road trip to try find failed messia.

apparently they made up, put tefillin on him and are in the proses of healing his soal.

somthings you just cant make up


Badatz boomes

December 29, 2009

with crook now working for leshes, & israel badatz is booming Badatz of crown heights gives hechsher on non lubavitch bakeries.

its funny OK is a non lubavich hechsher, with lubavichers running it, while badatz is a lubavich hashgacha with no lubavichers respecting it.